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Megavideo new look

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Hello all readers..
I think most of you know about megavideo.. This website is just another alternative tool to watch video onlie..
I've been using this tools for my anime blog and the quality also good.

ANd now they upgrade their player.. It is much more larger than before..
Let's read more info about megavideo
MegaVideo is a video sharing website based in Hong Kong run by the creators of Megaupload. According to Alexa Internet, it is one of the 100 most visited websites in the world. The website officially claims to aim replacing YouTube as the leader in online video. Unlike YouTube, MegaVideo has a slow moderating action which allows for copyrighted material to be online for long periods.

MegaVideo survives due to its strong ties to advertising, which helps pay for the bandwidth and hosting of its content, not unlike Youtube which is currently also accepting payments for advertising on their site, where companies are creating videos which resemble 'homemade' videos, but usually with clearly higher production values.

Recently, MegaVideo has enforced a policy of limiting guest users so that they can only watch short periods of video without becoming a paying member. This has been badly received by the internet community as MegaVideo was designed, like YouTube, with an emphasis on allowing all of its videos to be uploaded by the public. Many in the online community have declared MegaVideo's actions selfish, and pointed out that the whole attraction of MegaVideo originally was because it was free, and that the site made plenty of money by selling advertising space. Many users have boycotted the site as a result of MegaVideo's recent actions and some predict that the new membership policy will be the undoing of MegaVideo, while others have declared that the "greedy" (as of November 2008)

SOurce : WIkipedia

Do you think Megavideo also want to become like veoh?


1 Response to "Megavideo new look"

middy said... 12:52 AM

It seem good


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