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How to know your internet connection speed

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Hello all my fellow readers..
This is first entry for December..
It ain't easy for me to write coz I have another blog to update also.. This is my blog
My Blog
1.Mangatoread - A blog about manga and anime on the net.. I update it every Saturday, Sunday and Friday
2. EPLwallpaper - A blog about Barclays Premier League star, news and gossip.. I update it weekly especially Sunday.
3. Rear-wheel - A blog about cars.. The blog is not written by me but from one of automative university student.. I just owner of the blog.. It update weekly..
And other's blog in my language..

Back to the topic about internet connection speed.. Do you know what is internet connection speed??
From the internet connection speed refers efers to the data transfer rate from the Internet to your computer. Basically that means the amount of time it takes your computer to download a given amount of data. Internet connection speeds are usually measured in Kbps (kilobits per second, or thousands of bits per second) or KBps (kilobytes per second). Nowadays with the technological improvements in data transfer speeds, Internet connection speeds can also be measured in Mbps (megabits per second, or millions of bits per second) or MBps (megabytes per second).

So do you understand now?? Okay I want to give you a website that can calculate your internet speed...
1. Cnet
2. InternetFrog
3. SpeedTest
4. Testmy
5. Bandwithplace

So do you satisfy with your connection now? I'm not..


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