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HiYo - free add on MSN

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Do you have Windows Live Messenger ?? If yes than Hiyo is a must free addon for you..
HiYo is a free add-on for MSN Messenger, giving you tons of cool Winks, Emoticons, Animations, Sound FX, Display Pictures (Avatars), Nudges, Text FX, Audibles, and more to upgrade your MSN Messenger experience.
HiYo is offering the best quality graphical content available on the net.It upgrades the Instant Messaging experience making it a lot more fun and exciting than before. HiYo is very user friendly; everyone can easily browse and enjoy the content. HiYo also offers unique features such as interactive talking animations, automatically suggested content that interacts with your conversation, and slideshows of personal photos in the users display image within Messenger.
HiYo doesn't install any advertising program, spyware or virus and you will not be annoyed by pop-ups while chatting, so it makes it one of the best add-ons for Windows Live Messenger.

Don't you think it's cool??
Then go the page and download it


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