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Search Engine High Ranking

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I just read some best article from the website..
This article useful for poor blogger like me to gain more money via net..
Read the summary..

Search Engine High Rankings: How Much Money Do You Need To Get High?
The myth of paid high rankings manifests itself two ways. First, there the old-fashioned “You paid Google X amount of dollars and they put you at No. 1.” Then, there is the myth that pay per click advertising influences search rankings. Both are false.

If you do your own search engine optimization, you can achieve high rankings without spending a penny. It’s just a matter know what to do, how to do it, and doing it. Pay per click advertising doesn’t influence organic search listings at all. All you need to know that is to conduct a search and see how many sponsored ads you find without an associated organic listing next to it

So Do you think worthy to use pay per click advertising??
FOr me pay per click can help to gain more traffic but you must learn before use it..


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