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Gmail with new theme

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Hello all of readers..
I think most of you have gmail account.. If not just registered it now..

Read a summary from
Google on Wednesday released a set of themes for Gmail, offering consumers using its Web e-mail service a chance to personalize their messaging environment.

"Gmail fans have been building unofficial extensions to spice up their inboxes for a while, but up 'til now themes haven't been an integral part of Gmail," said Gmail engineer Annie Chen in a blog post. "We wanted to go beyond simple color customization, so out of the 30 odd themes we're launching today, there's a shiny theme with chrome styling, another one that turns your in-box into a retro notepad, nature themes that change scenery over time, weather driven themes that can rain on your mailbox, and fun characters to keep you in good company."

It just a cool tools from gmail.. I


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