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Pepperjam Network

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Another make money makers, Pepperjam Network..
If you have been banned by Adsense this program is an alternative..

PepperJam Network (PJN) is one on the most highly anticipated CPA affiliate networks, generating a significant buzz amongst the industry elite due to the fact that it was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. I eagerly signed up last week and have been exploring the PepperJam Network publisher interface and reporting tools thoroughly before writing this initial review. Any regular readers of this blog should be familiar with the fact that I only prefer to “work with” and promote only the most professional, transparent, established affiliate programs. PepperJam meets up to all three criteria in that it has a transparent business model, is extremely professional and was established by a very reputable organization.

PepperjamADS is an affiliate marketing widget that you can use to serve customized contextual ads from one or multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers at the same time. The ad units come in various shapes and sizes. You can mix and mash ads from any of your merchant partners. For instance, you can create a fashion widget by selecting various ads from multiple fashion merchants. Likewise, you can create a specific widget with ads from any one merchant..

So come on and try PepperjamNetwork now..


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Blogging from scratch said... 11:54 PM

Plus, there's a $10 sign up bonus too!


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