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Online Blood Test?? Is it true?

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I've just found this website, Personal
They provides a full range of laboratory testing to anyone who wants a confidential medical test quickly and easily.
Read the info
Imagine: No waiting for a doctor’s appointment and no office visit required. Forget the higher costs and the hassle of going through an insurance company. That’s because with PERSONALABS,™ it’s all about putting the power of information where it belongs — with the individual. And with our proprietary software, rest assured your account is private and accessible only to you. We have perfected a streamlined, paperless environment to make testing quicker and less expensive than other sites.

Expect private, reliable test results available online usually within two to three days.

Get the highest quality lab and screening tests that empower you to take charge of your healthcare needs with PERSONALABS™. On your schedule and at an affordable cost. If you have health concerns and want fast, reliable information, choose PERSONALABS™ for all your lab tests.

How PERSONALABS™ Works For You

PERSONALABS™ makes it very easy for you to get tested for a variety of health concerns.

Step 1: SELECT
Select your test from one of our 180 health screenings such as Female Health Testing, Male Health Testing, Autoimmune Disorder Testing, Allergy Testing, Arthritis Testing, Cancer screenings, Diabetes Testing, Drug Testing, Fertility Testing, General Health, Heart Health, STD Testing, HIV Testing and many others.

Step 2: CREATE
Create an account and pay online with your credit card or PayPal account. It's quick, private and painless, much like our lab tests. Print your confirmation receipt and take it with you to the nearest patient service center location (bring a photo ID).

Step 3: LOCATE
With more than 1,700 patient service center locations, there's one near you. You'll also need to bring a photo ID. Take the blood test or urine test, whichever may be required, and you're done.

Step 4: VIEW
You will receive an e-mail from us at the address provided when you created your account, alerting you that your lab test results are ready for viewing. This is usually within two to three days. Sign in to your PERSONALABS™ account to read your lab test results. They're easy to understand, and can be printed and saved to your account.

More info ?? Click image

Whoa.. Isn't it easy?? But wait, this service is just for US.. I hope my country will have this service...


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