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How to protect web privacy

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Do you know that your computer is not really secure...
Your privacy can be traced by someone..
Normally working on your computer can leave ‘footmarks’ that can be found later by someone else and used against you. These footmarks also consume your disk space and affect the performance of your PC.

This is the tips how to protect your Web privacy

1. Private information
- Don't give private info to any user.. Facebook wants your privacy info.. Give some of them..
2. Clean out your search history
- It is important especially after you do online transaction..
3. Clean out your cache
- Same as above..
4.Search with a proxy
5. Avoid registrations
- avoid registration. If must don't use your real name..
6. Clean up your cookies
7.Use an independent search engine
- Find independent search engine list here..
8. Disable auto-complete
9. Careful of your downloads
10. Be careful where you surf

Any idea??


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