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Can Obama change world?

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Today, Barack Obama officially become United States of America new president..

I read timesonline about an article As Obama becomes President, get ready for

Summary of the article

As Barack Obama is sworn in as President today, will come to the White House.

As he takes the oath of office, the White House website – occupied by President George. W. Bush for the past 8 years – will also pass over to the young, tech-savvy Obama team.

The new site is expected to epitomise the change in approach between the two administrations, doing away with the current bland, informational website, and instead becoming a portal for “interactive government” and “open source democracy”.

Key to the idea is that President Obama harnesses the internet to keep in touch with the public’s everyday concerns.

It is good that Obama very familiar about website.. Maybe he will hear voices from all around the world coz US is very strong country...
Using the blog on we will know about it.. And openID user can comment at the blog.. Awesome

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