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Money and Wealth

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I think most of us think that money and wealth is same.. But it is wrong..
I found some information about it on the net..

Look at this summary article
The Difference Between Money &Wealth
How out-of-control speculation is destroying real wealth

by David C. Korten

Money is a number. Real wealth is in food, fertile land, buildings, or other things that sustain us. Lacking language to see this difference, we accept the speculators' claim to "create wealth," when they expropriate it

Full article

So do you found the differeces between those two?? But I think money is important.. Without money we can get wealth...

Read the interesting article from internet about money & wealth :-
Money, Wealth and Happiness
What Are Your Beliefs About Money and Wealth?
The Huge Differences Between Money and Wealth –
And Why It’s Important to You


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