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Reach minimum adsense payment

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Hello all readers.. At last I reach adsense minimum payment after 2 years..
I know that it is too long but I know that I learned a lot..
A niche, high paying keyword and more...
It ain't easy especially my keyword is not very high pricing but I really appreciate it..
I can't blog using niche high paying keyword coz I'm not expert on the field..

Can't wait February.. Why?? Look at when do I get paid from google..

When do I get paid?

We'll send your check or EFT payment within approximately 30 days of the end of the month in which your account balance reaches US$100, unless a payment hold exists or unless otherwise agreed to in writing (including electronic mail).

For example, if you earn $40 in January and $70 in February, we'll send payment to you by the end of March.

If your account balance is less than US$100 at the end of the month, we'll roll your earnings over to the following month, until the payment threshold is reached. Balances include your total combined earnings for all AdSense products. You can review the Life of a Payment diagram below for a more complete picture of the payment cycle

My minimum payment is December and, I'll get payment by the end of February.. Hope using Western Union make fast payment..


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