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Project Wondeful - easy ads on your page

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Hello all of readers.. Now time for searching more money online now..

I just register Project wonderful for my latest ads...

Project wonderful is an all-in-one ad management program. By installing a code on your website, you make it possible for Project Wonderful users to bid on that area constantly… the highest bid wins, and this winner can shift by the minute.It is another “wonderful” widget that is easy to use, for the most part. I took an “un-monetized” spot of our blog, in-between our Topspots and Blogroll and turned it into a money maker.

You can place the widget anywhere.The ad sizes you can have include, 117×30, 125×125, 234×60, 468×60, 728×90, and 160×600.

A plus to it is that you can use the money you’ve earned and advertise with it. You can find several cheaper advertising for only pennies per day.

This system created by Ryan North, the cartoonist behind the popular webcomic Dinosaur Comics . He created Project Wonderful out of frustration in dealing with traditional click-through advertising, instead replacing it with a system that sells ads based on "air-time."

North said that he designed Project Wonderful to be as fair and transparent as possible, tracking traffic statistics, including hits, referrers, and country of origin for thirty days. It works on a bidding system that he calls the infinite auction. Essentially, a participating webmaster designates a set number of ad spaces on his or her page, and advertisers bid to have their ads posted in those slots. The more advertisers bidding, the higher the price goes and the more money earned for the webmaster. When nobody's bidding, the price of ads returns to zero. (Participating blogs are allowed to set their own starting prices, but are encouraged to let the marketplace set it for them.)

So why dont you try it?? Click on the icon

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