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Thanks to Mike and keyword shy guy

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Hm.. first I want to thank to mike coz add my link to his website.. This is such a good opportunity for low traffic blog like boringblogz to get more traffic from this link exchange..
I admire him coz he can make money by using free hosting, I hope my blog will get more traffic after this.. It is important coz my target for this month to increase boringblogz traffic from only 20++ visitor to 100++ visitor and rss reader from 12+- to 20++.
It ain't much for those who really concentrate on the blog but for me it is difficult especially I'm using slowest internet connection and only have about 2-3 hours to write a post.. But I know even it is difficult we must keep on and work hard ..
Without hard working there's no success. For this blogwalking day I found from google that keyword for shy guy is on 1st page. I also using google trends and it shows people from Philipines the most searching for keyword 'shy guy'.

And the war between TyleCruz and Gyuetae keep on moving.. Now Tyler Cruz give some opportunity to give 100 Entrecard Credit .. He he he.. Can't wait to see who will win this contest...

Okay that's all today.. Enjoy your holiday and keep up good works.. And thanks for my new subscriber.. I will bring you more great article to ensure your subscribing not wasted...


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