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How Rambo 4 will become box office..

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I think most of you know about 'Rambo'. Character acting by Sylverster Stallone.. I won't tell you about the story because I've never watch it.. But hope it will boom and box office worldwide..

So I give some tips for the Ramboo 4 producer how to make this movie 'boom'!!.

1) Get review from johnchow.. The movie will get attention from chow fans which is much more famous than Stallone ....
2) Enter JasonBoom contest and they will get 125 x 125 ad on the sidebar (to be displayed for 30 days).. (If they win the contest..)
3) Upload a nice movie picture via shareapic or PicsPay to get more free publicity..
4) Get the keyword tools to get people into Rambo 4 official site
5) Do some contest with others competitor and loser must using paypal to pay the prize..

Ha ha ha.. I think that's all.. I've got no idea now..
COme on watch this trailer...

Do u think you will watch this movie at cinema?? And with this niche, I hope there's 100+ visitor will come to this blog..


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