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Stephen Chow's E.T movie, CJ7

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Stephen Chow Latest Movie, CJ7

I think most of you know who is Stephen Chow (not related to JOhnchow), famous actor-director. His past movies such as Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer make big impact worldwide.. What I like about it that he proved that he can success without a handsome face, nice body or an martial arts person.. And he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his last movies, Kung Fu Hustle.

And now he just become more creative with new movie, CJ7 about an alien creature that snuggles up to a father-and-son pair.. Like other's Chow movies this movies will be chaos and laughter ensues..I think I've not see much a sci-fi comedy today ..
I can't wait to see this movie .. I guarantee you all won't boring to see this movie.. And this movies will boom without get review from johnchow . And I think this film much more worthy to watch than Ramboo 4.. Ha ha ha...

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