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Your job is boring ??

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Fuh I'm on holiday now so it is great to write something. So I just get idea boring related to my jobs..So I just write about the topic on my own idea that you are boring with your job..

1 ) You always think Monday is day that you hated most and Friday is your favourite day..( For those who work MOnday to Firday only)
2 ) You come to office late and back home sharp on the time.
3 ) You always go to rest room and sleep there.
4 ) You always open pc and only play minesweeper untill back home
5 ) You always keep chatting via yahoo messenger, gmail etc in office hour..
6 ) You keep babling everyday to your wife/husband that you're completely can't continue the job
7 ) You count how many days to retire

8 ) You always get MC or Emergency Leave without any good reason
8 ) You always open Boringblogz in your office to find another boring article

I think maybe you have any idea why your job is boring. So just keep sharing your idea in this blog..


2 Responses to "Your job is boring ??"

Raymond Chua said... 5:57 AM

My job is interesting and not boring at all.

I'm in full control. :)

Haha ....

shy guy said... 7:07 AM

Good for you ...
Hope you can control it always...


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