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Hey. How about my last post? It is worthy to read or just another boring post? Today I just want to warn you about some domains sounds good but danger to buy.

- If you see the domain maybe you won’t see any wrong about it but if you know about the history of it you will understand about it. This domain is popular at get huge traffic about 2-3 years ago. It received not only traffic but also huge amount of money. How they get the money? It using a program that automatically shows website and using it as an advertiser. And what make the program is more interesting is that you can generate your income about 1% from your investment as an advertiser. This program called ‘autosurf’ and become popular among surfers. And many of them try this program and get good investment until the program down and slowly disappear. Many of ‘autosurf’ investor lost their money on this program. I was also lost some money but only US 100++. So it gives me some experience to beware of this spam program. Other’s related domains such as:-
-->,,, etc
So beware of this domain because this system is illegal.
- This is one of easy money that has been banned from’ Malaysia’. I don’t know about another country but it is a domain that has been investigation by my country authorities. I think there’s related domain that you must aware of it but I don’t remember it.

Okay I think that’s the entire dangerous domain to be own. Maybe you have any others dangerous domain to suggest. So let's all know about it


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