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Watch the soccer

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For all EPL fans they know the result from Arsenal and MU match.. And the match end with a draw 2 - 2. This game is quite entertaining and make fans scream when their teams or opponent score some goals. Okay I just don't think to be a spectator to review about the game but I want to share something in the net that related about soccer..
If you love to see EPL live you can go to 4thegame but it only show the situation with text ..
For watch online there's a provider you can try.
1. Premiershiplive
2. LiveFooty

This is the 2 website.. Maybe after this I will review more..

p/s : this is just info I get from web.. I'll recommend you to research and compare before sign up with their service.. Boringblogz won't be responsible from any of lack service from any providers.. We also not responsible if any of software your download cause damage for you.


1 Response to "Watch the soccer"

jrg said... 3:54 AM

Have you tried

Their disclaimer states "The members-area contains no copyrighted live streaming media or direct links to copyrighted live streaming media." which rather suggests that they don't actually offer what they appear to offer.


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