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8 Tips How To Make Your Life not Boring

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Hello there. I know that sometimes you feel bored and don’t have anything to do. So I as a lonely guy will give 10 tips how to make your time full of something.

1) Subscribe this blog to your feed.. He he he 
2) Read dictionary from page 1 till last page. You will be mastered about the language or your head will explode 
3) Do some origami. Not only you can get some skills but you also can make money from it.
4) Read manga or watch anime at mangatoread blog . There’s many manga and anime to watch for a day.. :{
5) Sleep and dream about lovely Kumiko or john Cow even don’t know about who is she/he..
6) Do push up until you lose weight and do some blog about it.
7) Search words ‘boring’ from google until you find keyword about this blog. After that tell me what page you find it.
8) Read this post until you tired.

Okay that’s all.. . I’m sorry if this tips not really useful for you and don’t mad at me.. I just one to make my boring time full of something and it really work for me.. He he he..


1 Response to "8 Tips How To Make Your Life not Boring"

Thomas Sinfield said... 5:41 AM

some classic idea. i love the one about searching the word "boring"


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