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Saturday holiday

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First I want to thank cmanslong coz give some comment to boringblogz.From his user profile at he build about 12 blogs.. It is awesome...But I really don't know where the page that is most updated or not.And now he is using his domain at Hope I can build some network from him..
For English Premier League soccer fans. Today the game that we've been waited for Manchester United vs Arsenal. The game that will show who is the strongest team in EPL in this season.. Hopefully as Arsenal fans I like Fabregas to bring some goals to Gunners..

Okay there's some info from johncow about the contest on the net that hasn't pay their winner.. So whoever want to use contest as a topic to gain more traffic must pay attention to this case.. And some review from cashquest about Blogging Zoom,a tools that would increased traffic. I have visit Blogging ZOom and I found it is not suitable for me because it is more focus on wordpress user.. SO for wordpress user you can find this cool blog with the widget..

And from Blogging Zoom I also found some post from problogdesign.. There's some tips how to improve readibility.. So just read it.. I think that's all for my Saturday review.. Hope your boring day will become exciting holiday.. Thanks..


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