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Saturday life

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Now it is Saturday day ( on Malaysia day) . Saturday is my rest day from paperwork and letter to write. And this day is my day on computer especially on blogging...

I just found one article from Vinay the risk of using Ctl + C when we're online.. Oh it got me surprised coz sometimes I use Ctrl+ C while online.. Hope there's no hacking activities to my PC...

And there's a stories about a finnish psycho . Dunno why there's a person like that boy.. Is he mad?? Kill people without reason and then kill himself?? I dont know what happened to our society now.. There's no guarantee safe even on the school..

From dailyblogtips it shows that Monday is most traffic for him.. Do you agree?? For me, my most traffic is Saturday and Sunday.. Maybe coz my readers feel boring on that day.
And I also just try tinyurl and found this tools interesting to shorthen and keep our real url invisible.. Do you have any script that's almost same like tinyurl?? maybe you can share with me..

And Gary Conn post about why Adsense Don't Make Money for blogger... This is good tips and we can learn from this adsense master..


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