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Most Boring Sports

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Okay let's continue with our topic.. What is the most boring but popular sports around the world.. This is my 5 top list :-
1. Golf -- It is boring game.. How can sponsorship so many??? And why the rich person like this suck game..

2. Baseball, cricket, etc-- U only wait for the ball.. Sometimes you wont touch the ball..

3. Chess.. Whoa!! I will sleep to watch it.

4. Pool,snooker, etc

5. Lawn ball. The game for lazy people.. Ha ha ha.. Even this old grandma can win the competition..

Do you agree with me?? Or you get another boring sports??


3 Responses to "Most Boring Sports"

mahdi yusuf said... 9:50 AM


shy guy said... 3:44 AM

It is really true mahdi????

Thomas Sinfield said... 4:36 AM

I would take out golf. playing golf is fun, but watching it is boring.

I would add cricket it is boring.


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