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Hello all of readers. First, I want to thank thekingkongblog. I win Mug Contest from him.. It is good to win a contest but I can't redeem that mug coz it is only for US only.. However thanks to Mahdi.
I am so mad today.. My wordpress blog comment's missing . What happen?? I don't know and quite curious..Are there someone get problem like me and have any idea to solve it??

I just hate it.. Hope there's no problem about wordpress coz I am afraid my reader wont comment at my site...

And adsense introduce resources tab. It is good for money maker from adsense . Awesome features..

For shareapic user, the system now more stabil than before and hope it will keep on moving to be as a good picture host provider.. For those who don't know about it, come on register free at shareapic..

I know this post is quite boring.. But relax , I just have a boring time tooo..


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