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Boring Movie

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I know all of you have seen worst and boring movie on your life.. Maybe the hype of movie promotion attract to see the movie but after go to cinema.. It sucks... I also have some of movie that I think not worthy to watch.. But it depend to you...
I'm not a moviemaniac so only this movies I classified as most boring movie I ever seen..

1. Water World --> Kevin Costner worst movie.. What he think about this movie??
2. Blair Witch Project ---> I dont know how this amateur movies can get attention .. It is scary?? Don't know...
3. Matrix 2 ---> Yeah this chapter is most boring..
4. Seven --> Brad Pit and Morgan Freeman.. It not have many actions. jUst blah blah blah..
5. SPeed 2 --> after see Keanu Reeves in SPeed I expect to see more drama but in Speed 2 I can sleep at the cinemas.

And there's some recommendation how to enjoy watching boring movie .. Especially with your girlfriend/boyfriend.. SO just enjoy..
You also can do something if you see boring movies like this :-

1 ) Buy 5 large popcorn and yell ' It's snowing now..'
2 ) Do some mexican wave when the fighting scene..
3 ) During the boring scene yell at the workers ' Hey could you fast fordward this scene '
4 ) Turn around and do yoga...
5 ) Go home and sleeps..

He he he.. Okay.. mOre tips please.


2 Responses to "Boring Movie"

Michael Woo said... 8:46 AM

Shy Guy! :D R u the radio DJ?

shy guy said... 3:42 AM

Nooo.. that's DJ Radio is fly guy.. If i'm not wrong...
I'm just an unknown person, bro..


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