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Altavista is one of search engine like google or yahoo.. It is one of my favourite search engine around 1996-2000 before google burst into the net...

AltaVista was started by Digital Equipment Corporation by employee volunteers who were trying to provide services to make finding files on the public network easier
to. AltaVista was publicly launched as an internet search engine on 15 December 1995.
n 1996, AltaVista became the exclusive provider of search results for Yahoo!. In 1998, Digital was sold to Compaq and in 1999, Compaq relaunched AltaVista as a web portal, hoping to compete with Yahoo!. Yes they compete with Yahoo at that time..
By the end of 1995, search engines were popping up with increasing frequency. At that time it was the fastest search engine and could handle millions of hits a day without any degradation. But today with google outcome all of search engine I've lost my memories about altavista.

I think I want to use Altavista and evaluate it whether they can compete with google...
How about your opinion... Maybe we will hope altavista will dump google and help us to earn more traffic...


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