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Page Ranks it is useful for boring blogz??

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I think in this week almost all blogger discuss about PageRanks...
Honestly before this I don't know much about PR but after read some positive and negative issue I think boringblogz must know about it's ranks..
Kumiko from her famous blog cashquests, suggest us to find pageranks for blog.. And I found that this blog get
Checking Page Ranking

You can check your pageranks at this site
i )Livepr
ii) Dig Pageranks
iii) Prchecker

Or you can just type any address at this
Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

And from technorati, my ranks is 676,836.. Ha ha ha.. Such lowly blog but it is good rather than nothing yeah..

So how's about your blog/website???
Do you think this PR is useful for your blog/website??

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3 Responses to "Page Ranks it is useful for boring blogz??"

Nick said... 2:59 PM

Just wondering... what is your native language? I think that the best language on the net would be Chinese. Think, more and more chinese people are becoming part of the internet. This could be some serious cash...

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Catherine L said... 6:25 PM

Thanks for the info. A lot of people emailed me to telling me I'd finally got a pagerank before I even knew myself. I guess they must have been using one of those tools.

shy guy said... 12:25 AM

nick ---> My native language is Malay.. And I've use at my personal blog but money not come.. That's why I tried using English even my ENglish not good..
catherine --> Yes.. It is one of best tools in INternet


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