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Improve English

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I think not all of blogger are good in English..Why? Because not bloggers using English as his/her primary language. So there's some mistakes we do....

I just found some post that help us to improve writing in English..Technomoney in its post give 5 tips for non native english speakers how to improve our English. ..

Copyblogger, a famous blogger with 20K++ rss readers post usual mistake about six common punctuation errors that bedevil bloggers. . There’s common mistake in writing such as apostrophe in plural, the comma slice, quotation marks, multiple punctuation, punctuation outside the quotation marks and the missing comma after introductory elements.. I think for non native english speakers maybe we not concern about this but we must always correct our mistake..

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7 Responses to "Improve English"

Asako said... 1:35 AM


As a non-native English speaker, I share the challenge. A good news is not all blog readers are native in English. And they are very forgiving about English mistakes.

I often ask for a help from a native English speaker to edit my article. It really helps to learn what mistakes I often make. And the only way to learn is to keep trying...

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