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Sunday day

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Hello.. How about your sunday day?? Holiday with your blog or holiday to go vacation??
For me who's been searching for love, there's no holiday.. I just surfing to make sure my blog get more attention from you all especially my subscribers ( i love u all)...
Okay Gadgettastic found some crazy Gadget - The USB finger optical 3D Mouse..

What a technology?? This is new updated mouse .. You can read more at Gadgettastic..

Blog ABout Nothing show something weird in his post. About relationship but not with words.. Maybe some of you understand what he want to express at his blog but I'm not..For me there's no price you can give if your relationship break.... So just keep your relation safe...

And I just found something interest about bradstephenson blog about new tools in Japan.. I'm surprise that there's no CCTV on most Japan train that help woman from being exploited by sex maniac.. Oh it is true???


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