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October 2007

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Hm today is a new months of this year and we've 2 months to coem..
And John chow income 20K from his blog..
It is such a great income from the internet..

And while the copycat johnchow, johncow want to get vote from us .. an he also shows about johncow traffic for September 2007.

And there's new advertising option for blogger.. Widgetbucks is a new way to make money.. Problogger review about it.It will allow you to run as many ads on a page as you like and you can use this system with AdSense according. Such as a good opportunity for us..

For me.. I've not received any money from online now.. But maybe I'll get is soon..

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1 Response to "October 2007"

Zai said... 11:04 PM

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