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Core FTP

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Do you know about ftp???
FTP is file transfer protocol ..
By using FTP clients it is will make easy for us to transfer file via server..
For all webmaster using file manager is one way to upload their file to server..
But sometimes it takes time and it is slow... By using ftp client you can save time to upload your file...
If you searching via net about the ftp client you will see that mostly of their client must be pay... For the poor webmaster like me, free is alternative to using the tool..
After search around 1-2 hours I think core ftp is suit for my requirements...
You can download it at this url
It is so simple.. What you must know is your ftp address, username and password.. And the interface is same like windows explorer..

This is one of this tools screenshot..
You can view other screenshoot at coreftp site..


2 Responses to "Core FTP"

Adeline Crystal Chen said... 10:45 PM

heys! im sure u will get paid bit by bit soon. hehee. welcome to nuffnang! saw ur link in nuffnang webpage. keep it up shy guy. heee. =D

shy guy said... 9:26 AM

thanks adeline... just try hard


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