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My stats for 3 days

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This is my boring blog statistic for 3 days.. I know maybe some of you will smile coz the low traffic for my blog.. I agree that my blog is new and can't attract more visitor for this time but I am in learning process. There's many things I've to improved. From my point of view I think I must improve :-
a) My poor language.. Honestly I'm not good in English but with this blog I think I can improve.. Sometimes I visit to learn about English.. I also improve my English by visit cikguazleen blog.
b) Content . There's no such good 'niche' in this blog.. I am just tryiing to find best content for me and readers..
c) Traffic. There's not an easy task to get traffic but I just go to popular blog such as problogger, johnchow, johncow and others blog.. It is useful for get any backlinks.. The other things is by joining forum.. This is one of way to promote this blog and i found it give some effect to my visitor blog..
b) My content.. It ain't easy to write good topic especially if we are not good in English and work at office.. But time management is very important to make sure the topic is up everyday..
c) Focuss.. This is very hard but without focuss, you cant concentrate..As a semi-pro I must focuss on what I must write...
d) Not give up..There's no give up for us.. Just writing, ignore bad or negative comment..

Okay maybe some of you know how I get the graph, but if not just sign in at is a free reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page or blog and you will be able to analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time!


3 Responses to "My stats for 3 days"

rchmura said... 9:35 PM

Don't loose your hits when you reach 100. (the statcoutner limit). GoStats keeps all your historical data for you. (Most people like GoStats better)

Vinay said... 12:52 PM

Don't give up. Keep blogging. And try to write good stuff. You will get traffic. Patience is important.

James said... 1:57 AM

Don't give up with this blog where you can put what you want, but try to think of a niche and open another blog in this niche. You need something that can talk to most humans on the internet and something that of course you can find many businesses trying to sell products for online.
Good luck.


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