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How to tie a tie

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Hm.. I think this is useful topic especially for who needs to wear a tie but don't know how to tie a tie.. there's a website at . This site created by Caspar for all type of person to learn how to tie a tie.. It also have a video( pay only) for all person who want to learn...

I also surf This website also useful. It is not only instruct us how to tie but also how to take care a tie.. Maybe there's something we can learn from this site..

Click this picture to learn simple trick..

Okay this is clip sample how to tie a tie.. Maybe we can learn from it...

VideoJug: How To Tie A Tie - Full Windsor Knot


2 Responses to "How to tie a tie"

Tuacolumba said... 7:48 AM

I found a free video that is really great too. It has the traditional windsor knot and the school boy knot my dad showed me when I learned how to tie a tie. Hope it can help the next time someone forgets.

Projector India said... 2:52 PM

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