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Add url another url shortener

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If you famiiar with tinyurl maybe you know about the using of url shortener..
It is easy to use and more short rather than tinyurl
Read the description allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier. can be accessed through our website, bookmarklets and a robust and open API. is also integrated into several popular third-party tools such as Tweetdeck. A more full list of third party tools can be found on the blog. Unique user-level and aggregate links are created, allowing users to view complete, real-time traffic and referrer data, as well as location and metadata. Tracking stats are available after users shorten their long links with by clicking on the “Info+” link on, or just adding a “+” sign to the end of any link (for example, seems to be shooting up like a rocket, while TinyURL may have plateaued. Why is growing so much faster? One big reason is because it creates even shorter URLs than TinyURL does by about five characters ( versus Don’t laugh. Every character counts. also offers better analytics and tracking tools on the backend.


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