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Let's learn English

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I am not good in English and really want to improve my broken English..
I've just found a website that are really nice and clean about how to learn English..

I've read about their method and it it interesting.. Read this..
Out There is based upon the Communicative Method, which most study abroad schools use around the world, but it uses a redesigned lesson plan format that is used in every single session. This new format means that real practice of the target language happens minutes after the language has been taught.
What makes Languages Out There different from other courses is the way in which students first learn, and then use, their knowledge in such a way that it ‘sticks' with them.

psycholinguistic and constructivist teaching theories
active learning theories
the communicative method of teaching language
'11 commandments for motivating language learners' by Dornyei and Csizer
Jane Willis' work on task-based learning

WHoa.. It is very interesting way to learn English.. Not just read or speak using old method..

Click picture to know more info about the website


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