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How to create pdf

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I think most of you have read pdf files..

The pdf type is important especially when we want to save a document into just reading document..
For document such as open office there's a plugin to use it but for online banking I'll create the transaction to pdf files..

How to create pdf files??

For me the easiest way is using a software.. And I just download free software that can convert a file to pdf, PDFredirect
Using this software we can create universal, standard, reliable and secure PDF files.It also easy to use. Compatible with virtually all Windows programs. Simply select "Print", choose the PDF reDirect virtual printer and your PDF file is created automatically. There's also Live Preview to review of PDF displayed so you can optimize your settings on the fly. ANd much more features..

I just complete download .. ANd it is very good.. I'll recommend this software.. For more info let's go to EXPSystem


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