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Seek for Fitness ...

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Hello all my readers...
For Muslim I think this is a good time to become more fit..

Okay I just found an interesting web community, .. This website community contains more than just website community..It is a fitness community where you will find everything for exercise, diet and health. You can set up you own, unique exercise programme.

I just read one of the article about Sugar . One of the paragraph :-
"According to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, each Dane consumes an average of 42 kg of sugar a year, and that is actually a large quantity. We do not even notice much of the sugar we consume every day because it is hidden in incredibly many foods. Hidden sugar is found behind names such as lactose (milk sugar), fructose (fruit sugar), invert sugar (syrup), maltose, grape sugar (dextrose), glucose syrup etc., which is why we do not always notice the large sugar content. It is hardly surprising that for instance chocolate contains a handsome amount of sugar, but few people realise that for instance ketchup contains even more sugar"

It shows that we take sugar more than enough for our energy..

I think this website is good to join coz it is free and have many information... SO just join the website community .. You can gain knowledge or share it...



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