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Website Review --

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Hello all of boringblogz readers.. Hope you all patient with me...
And today I will bring you a popular website from Singapore..

This website using news at Singapore for their niche. They using php-nuke.. THe design is simple but the content of their post is exciting. I think I will become loyal readers next time .. Maybe they must put on feedburners to give option for readers to read the article via mail or rss readers.. But I recommend this website for those like to read independent writers..

.. They manipulate news to become more humour.. Look at this news about Gahmen Reassigns Crack Chee Team to Hunt Escaped Terrorist is the latest article on their blog.. But not all of readers will understand the joke.. Only person who really know about the situation will smile to read their article.. But come on just try to read talkingcock.

p/s : Gahmen means GOvernment...


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