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Tips for publisher from adbrite

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Brooke Wells, Account Manager of Adbrite give some tips to enhancing revenue from Full Page Ad (FPA) zones.
This is the tips :-
1. Set the zones to auto-approve. The number one reason why a FPA ad unit doesn’t get ad fill is because it’s on manual-approve and the publisher doesn’t approve enough ads.

2. Make sure that the code is hard-coded into the HTML of the webpage rather than an ad rotation system like DART. The FPA won’t fire if it’s in an ad rotation system.

3. Make sure that the code is not inside of an iframe. FPA won’t fire if it’s in an iframe.

4. Make sure that the code is on top of the page to ensure that it fires.

5. Set the click count to fire on the 2nd click if possible. That way it’ll still show for an engaged reader, but there’s a greater chance of firing than if it’s on 3rd click or later.

6. Set the frequency cap to 1 in every 12 hours if possible, and perhaps even lower.

I hope this tips will work on me coz my adbrite advertising not give more earning...

Go to adbrite blog for latest information..


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