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Most of us have using social networking such as myspace , friendster, etc to get cyber community..
Not only using the social networking to get friends, it also will become an ideal place to become more famous.. I know there's many social networking in the cyberspace but focussing on one social networking is good..
I am using tagged for my social networking.. Not as famous like myspace and friendster but I think it is better than the myspace and friendster..
I think tagged provides more fun, safe, and exciting environment to showcase their personalities and talents..

For advertiser is good to exposure your product.. As the fastest growing social website on the Internet, is the premiere source for targeting your valuable audience online
Look at the statistics ( until March 2008).

30MM registered members
10MM unique visitors every month
1B page views per month
10MM hours spent/month

60% female, 40% male
63% are 18 or older
The average user spends 20 minutes per day on
45% of daily visitors visit multiple times/day

For me, I spent about an hour per day to check on my cyber friends and sometimes do some comments at their picture.. So why don't you see more this social networking.
My tagged profile



M4M said... 3:28 PM

Great tip! I've been tagged (so must have an account) but haven't participated. My personal favorite is blogcatalog, lots of friendly folks and action in that community. For posting and also making friends (though a bit slower) my second favorite would be

But you've got me rethinking and going back to investigate Tagged a bit closer :)

Dr. Nicole said... 3:40 PM

What a beautiful banner at the top of your site! I really need to get more in to social networking...thanks for the reminder!



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