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News about Adsense and some good article

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I think most of blogger knows about google adsense.. Some of them success on adsense and get consistency earning from this program.. While for advertiser, adword give more opportunity to get more attention from readers.. Using it as a promotion medium will give impact to the website..

Okay I just read from google blog and found that they're now focused on building a full suite of products and tools that help publishers of all sizes improve productivity, manage their inventory, generate additional revenue opportunities and save time.. It is such a goog opportunity for publisher to earn more money... Read the full article at their blog... So what's your opinion ?? Do you think it really help publisher???

That's all for adsense news, I just found the interesting article from lifehack.. The article about hard ways to make your life better.. I like the article especially quote about “Only jerks work for jerks.”.. Yes I agree with the sentences.. I think I'm now a jerks coz my big boss is jerk.. I totally can't agree with his decision .. So slowly I think that I must do something to stop being a jerk.. Keep on moving.. Try grab opportunity and maybe I will be success...


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