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Sunday Review

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I just like to see others great blogger such as tylercruz earning, johnchow..
Jelous to see how much their earnings...But I know there's aint easy to get that earning just to write about my interest on the net.. While there's more opportunity to get money there's also competition. More new blog published everyday and more of them will success or fail.. So I must go on keep blogging and not give up easily..

Hm.. Sunday is good day to review others blog..
Gyutae from winning the web his post give some tips how to use private advertising to keep more money on pocket..
And problogger ask about what expenses for blogger

Ugliest ??

I also read from news about the people choice about top 20 ugliest soccer fan.. Funny and interesting. For those who know about soccer will agree that Rooney is the ugliest soccer player on the world.. He he he.I think maybe we can choose ugliest blogget.. Do you have any idea??



1 Response to "Sunday Review"

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