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Network for Good

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Network for Good

Network for Good is a not-for-profit organization and Web site dedicated to providing real opportunities for you to donate, volunteer and get involved with issues that matter to you. Our two-fold mission is to stimulate philanthropy, volunteerism, and involvement among Internet users, and to help nonprofit organizations strengthen their relationships with supporters.

Network for Good was founded by a consortium of leaders from the Internet and nonprofit sectors; it seeks to increase consumers' engagement by making it easier to get involved in their communities, by donating, volunteering, and getting involved with issues they care about. At the same time, Network for Good helps other nonprofits to enhance their effectiveness through increased reach, educational content, and tools.

Network for Good is funded by its founding partners: America Online, the AOL Time Warner Foundation, Cisco Systems, the Cisco Foundation,, and Yahoo!, in addition to an initial grant from the Kellogg Foundation.

This is a website where you can give to your favorite charity/charities and have all your donation records stored and accessible at any time. This website is safe and secure; it meet the BBB Wise Giving Alliance standards for for charity accountability. In fact, since inception more than 450,000 donors have contributed more than $160 million dollars using the Network for Good giving system!

Using network for goods is easier to donate online because it using giving system than writing a check and putting it in the mail. The system giving records all in one place which makes your life easier at tax time and when you want to give again.

For those want to using online system for their charity I recommend this website... It will help you to manage your donation..

Go to their website for more information.


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