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Hopurl - Keep your url shorten.

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Hello all my beloved readers.. And for Chinese I like to wish ' GOng Xi Fa Chai '.. have a good life .. Never being boring and make your life more colorful..
As a shy guy it is just another boring holiday for me.. But that's not an excuse for me to write at this blog.. There's a zillion information on the internet to make my life become more exciting..

I think that's all for my life.. I just want to introduce a website that can make your long url address become shorter, Hop URL..

HopURL is the best tools for link management. It is also make our link shorter and also help us to track statistic of the link. It is good coz we can track how many click for your recommend url..
Such a good tools..
And you can earn hugh 50% recurring commission for life for every upgrading member you have ever referred and signed up, no matter when you referred him, and no matter when he upgraded!
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