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Half Decade of Free Hosting

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Hello all readers..
I'm too tired coz there's more work to do.. As an amateur blogger it ain't easy to spend more time to write some article everyday but I will try to write minimum an article for a week..
I know that 10 of my loyal rss readers will think whether I'm alive or not.. But hey I'm still alive and still do some interesting article at manga and eplwallpaper blog.

Google has sent me a pin for adsense ..But my journey to get minimum payment is far away .. And there's more agreement from google to read.. Wargh!!!...Can't read it for this whole day..

Whoa I just reading a post from tylercruz and there's a rss contest from his friend, Nick Sullivan.. His blog, internetbabel give awesome prizes .. Get Half Decade of Free Hosting?? Isn't that prizes can make us crazy to enter this contest.
There are a total of 6 hosting packages up for grabs, totalling a value of $514.25:

* 1st Place: ICDSoft Business package for 1 year + free domain.
* 2nd Place: ICDSoft Universal package for 1 year.
* 3rd Place: ICDSoft Universal package for 1 year.
* 4th Place: WireNine Personal Hosting Plan for 1 year.
* 5th Place: BudgetHost Webmaster hosting for 6 months.
* 6th Place: BudgetHost Standard hosting for 6 months.

So come on to try your luck at internetbabel...


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