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Adbrite News..

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Daniel Issen has been appointed as new Vice President of Engineering at Adbrite..
Daniel joins AdBrite from eBay, where he held a number of leadership positions within the PayPal and eBay organizations over the past 6 years. Daniel has a strong engineering team behind him that works day and night to improve AdBrite...
An industry veteran with over 20 years experience, Daniel is now responsible for software development at the company.Issen has over 20 years experience designing and building highly available and horizontally scalable systems, most notably in the domains of search, financial systems, and operations research.
As a Chief Architect and Executive, Daniel has founded, led developments for, and worked on many horizontally scalable search, financial, and operational research systems such as NetSpend and Whetstone Logistics. He tripled the performance of the search system for, and also designed the precision buying service of, which was subsequently acquired by

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As a publisher I hope that the new management will help to increase more money to my earning.. Adbrite is


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