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Tips to Apologize

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This week I am quite suprised because I get about 100% increase for my manga blog traffic.. First, I am happy coz it also give more attention for others manga/anime to my blog ..
But after do some analysis the traffic come because I've do some wrong keyword .. I think it is not good especially for those who really want to know about the topic..
So I must apologize to them..

This is 5 tips how to apologize:-
a) Give a money and they will accept your apologize..
b) BUild a blog and say sorry to him/her.. Tell him/her that your post have been viewed by 1000++ visitor ...
c) Buy a flower and give it to him/her..
d) Sing some sorry song for him/her untill you tired.
e) Do nothing.. Never care if they apologize you or not.. Get a new friends...

So what's your opinion?? DO you have some tips to apologize.. SHare with us..


1 Response to "Tips to Apologize"

Michelle said... 6:32 AM

hi there, thanks for dropping by and for the comment. check my answer in your comment. about apologize: just accept that made mistake or you did something wrong which make you feel guilty or bad then say sorry. be honest to your feelings so the bad attitude won't eat you. :)


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