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Shy Guy on Newspaper

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Hello.. All of readers who are first time and loyal boringblogz readers..

Today is such a good day for me.. I got opportunity from Star News to revealed about my secret.. Quite surprise. Am I popular coz there's a media give attention to me... I just bring my friend to escort and help me at the interview especially the interview in English ( my English is really poor).. I really appreciate it.. The interview is more about why I am blogging, my true identity and more.. I also being asked why I am too shyness and some great question like when I want to married.. Ha ha ha..There's more critical question for me to answer but I just keep on to focussing more on blogging statement..


So do you want to know about the interview?? Ha ha ha APril fools.. Ops.. January fools.. There's no interview and there's no front cover for me.. This is only fake.. I just created this front newspaper from Why don't you try it.. Maybe it will make your friends shock and being jealous about it.Sorry about it.. Just joke only.....


1 Response to "Shy Guy on Newspaper"

Michelle said... 8:49 PM

wow! so this is what blogger peepz do huh. thanks for sharing it. you're not really shy at all, you're smart. :)


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