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Hm.. today I want to review some good post from blogger..

Tips to improve in writing
I just find good article from garamblog how to improve my post..There's a formula which connects all the parts of post : intro+body+conclusion. This is such a good tips especially for me that not good in writing.. Tips from Sunny will help beginner or non establish blogger like me.. Write as simple but in good paragraph..

Tips how to save money
Tips how to save money on entertainment.. Simple tips but I think maybe some of you have more tips to share at
nick blog

New Blog
And there a ne blog to review. Awesome and cool.. this blog using Ninja as his trademark .. Ha ha ha this is cool.. Hope he/she will success on bringing his/her trademark..

THis weeks most interesting contest
This week most popular contest. Now only a day for TylerCruz and Gyutae war. And Tylercruz is behind from this contest.. Oh I voted for him .. Hope he will win in last minute coz I want that prizes..
p/s : THis contest is awesome.. It also make attention of Johnchow.. So who will win ?? Let's see the war...


2 Responses to "Review Blog"

Ninja Steve said... 5:42 AM

*ninja drops out of shadows*

Hey man, thanks for the link. I will no longer kill you...

*Ninja disappears*

shy guy said... 4:34 AM

I like Ninja especially Naruto.. Do u know Naruto?? Can you do Kage Bunshin Nonjutsu??
Let's see this blog


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