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Youtube competitor

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This week i'm very happy coz my readers increase.. My boringblogz keep on moving.. Thanks for all reader.. And I will write more interest article for you all..
Orait.. Keep on movin'. Today I want to discuss about sharing videos worlwide site.. Maybe you all know about youtube .
Youtube is Upload, tag, and share your videos worldwide on YouTube, and watch other user-submitted videos sorted by most recent, ...
But do you know others alternative ??? THis is 3 website that I've been using to watch clips to full my boring day:-

a ) Veoh -- I think this is my top list of sharing video via net.. You also can watch and uploading long clip untill 100MB( i don't know the maximum).. And the quality is much better than youtube..
b ) Dailymotion-- This site also better than youtube.. You can upload and sharing clips much more longer than youtube..
c ) Metacafe -- If you read some of my post you will see clips from metacafe.. It is different from dailymotion and veoh.. It provide more funny and amazing clips and bloopers..

Okay that's all..
p/s :- You can download the videos using Keepvids or CLipnabber


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