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Referral Program

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It is just a boring Sunday.. But I get to go to PC exhibition on my state.. It is not very big exhibition but awesome there's more hardware but with limited amount of money I just go window shopping..
Huhuhuhu.. Whoa ... My feedburner also increase... Thanks coz you give me more spirit to post new article..
And now I know that there's 8 person really not boring read my blog...
It is also great to see that I get more traffic from Icanascheezeburger... The best blog about Catz and some cute animal.. HUhuhuh DOn't know why they using cheeze as their domain..
funny pictures
more funny pictures..

Today I want to discuss about 2 referral program. It is very useful for blogger or webmaster...

1 ) Bidvertiser -- > One of google adsense competitor and their design almost same like adsense.. Not too strict like adsense.. Can use it as alternative program to advertise or publish advertise..
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2 ) Shareapic -- > If you've using photobucket or imgshack I think you can using this program as an alternative.. WHy?? COz it provide you to get some money... And it pay you as many your picture have been reviewed...
Isn't it great??
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Okay that's all... For those subscriber, let's continue read this blog and I will make your life no more boring..


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